All New All Different Legion Radio

Episode 5 of The Legion Radio Network is now available on YouTube. Fawkz, Frost, and Fire discuss the latest updates to Battlefield 1, Hearthstone, and Overwatch.


Nintendo Hits a Grand Slam and Signs Deal for New Pokémon Movie

It has finally happened. The world has been completely taken over by Pokémon. Pokémon Go has been an unequivocal smash hit, even pulling in players who have never played a Pokémon game in their life. Nintendo’s stock has hit a record high and thousands of people converge on major landmarks hoping to catch rare pocket monsters.

All this hype has led to Legendary Pictures and Nintendo to ink a deal for a live action Pokémon  movie. The best part of all of this is that it won’t just be some lame re-telling of Ash’s story, it won’t even be about the much cooler protagonist Red. No Legendary Pictures and Nintendo decided to go for it all and agreed on a movie about Detective Pikachu!

The only way this could fail is if we don’t get a baritoned voice Pikachu.


It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

-DesertFawkz The Blood Raven


Guess Who’s Back

HELLO, and welcome to the world of tomorrow!

I know I know. I DesertFawkz said that the podcast and site would continue while DesertFrost and Fire were away but that turned out to be a big fat lie. That whole life thing I talked about months ago got in the way yet again. But we are back and excited to get this ball rolling again.

Battlefield is going all mustard gas and Calvary charges on us, Pokémon has completely taken over society, and a ton more stuff has happened while we were away and we are very excited to get into all of it in our upcoming Podcast. So please stayed tuned.


It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

-DesertFawkz The Blood Raven

Episode IV: Battlefield 5, Hearthstone, & Pokemon

This week we discuss our disappointment with the state of The Division,  the upcoming Battlefield 5 (or rather Battlefield 1) announcement, the possible slow death of the once great Nintendo, and more! As always our music is brought to you by The Dark Winter Project.


Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Happiness…. But Mostly Life.

I want to start by apologizing to our millions of fans around the world (here’s looking at you Dark Winter Project) for the lack of content over the past month. Legion Radio Network had to take a rather annoying hiatus thanks to, among other things,  that cruel mistress known as life.

Life that catchall term for the random bullshit that gets in the way of doing the fun stuff has gotten the better of  the Legion Radio Network lately. That being said sometimes life gets in your way in exciting ways. DesertFrost and DesertFire will be more or less unable to participate in the Legion Radio Network for the next 6-8 weeks as they prepare to come back home. Awesome! DesertCrypt is a newly wed and…. and has a cat? I don’t know what his excuse is. I guess growing a mean beard is a lot more work than I thought. God knows I can’t grow one. And as for me life has decided to bless me and my wife with our second child which is freakin’ amazing but getting ready for her to come is time consuming.

As a kid and young adult I could play video games all day. Now married with 1 child and another on the way working a full time job while also serving in the Army National Guard it is a pain in the ass to find time to get any gaming done. I do. Much to the chagrin of my beautiful wife I lose way too much sleep in order to get some time on the controller. Times are hard for the gamer in me.



So there you have it, our best excuses for why we have not talked about the flaming ship wreck that The Division has become and all the other big gaming news. I personally think Ubisoft Massive will be able to correct course and turn The Division back into the post apocalyptic fun land that it once was. You can hear our brief discussion on this topic on our upcoming episode 4 of the Legion Radio Podcast.

Speaking of flaming ship wrecks is it too early to start fearing for Nintendo’s future? They recently announced that they will be releasing their next home entertainment system next Spring and yet their E3 event will only feature Zelda…. for the Wii U. Come ON! I absolutely love Zelda but with everything else happening in the gaming world you cannot pin the next year of your company’s future on a single game.

From disappointment there is a shinning light in the world. Actually there are a lot of them. The biggest expansion yet to Fallout 4, Far Harbor,  will come out later this month. Overwatch’s open Beta started yesterday and let me say it is a blast. and finally the Battlefield 5 announcement is tomorrow!

Obviously we have a lot to discuss coming up and we are happy to get back into it. While DesertFire and DesertFrost are away from the mic we will have some guest fill in. So thank you if you’ve listened to us before and wondered where we went and welcome if this is your first time hearing about us. As always….


It’s Dangerous To Go Alone

-DesertFawkz The Blood Raven

I’m a Feminist Don’t Call Me a Gamer

“Remember it’s both possible and even necessary  to simultaneously enjoy media while also being critical of its more problematic or pernicious aspects.”

On this weeks podcast DesertCrypt admitted that he finds it uncomfortable to call himself a gamer. While he did not expand on his feelings of the title I can give my reasoning for cringing when someone calls me a gamer.

I know there will be “gamers” who see this post and immediately refuse to ever look at this page again. That’s fine. People will see me mention Gamergate and notice that I’m on the side of Zoë Quinn, Brianna Wu, and the countless other women who have been on the receiving end of violent sexual harassment and death threats. When other “gamers” see that I am a fan of Anita Sarkeesian I may in fact open myself up to receiving similar messages.

I don’t like being called a gamer because the community has refused to out the extreme anti-women  beliefs held by a small portion of the population. When women become the target of endless sexual harrassment the industry as a whole throws up its hands and says ‘its not me and oh by the way she might deserve some of those death threats did you see what she was wearing?’

The Tumblr account Latininig gives horrifying first person accounts of this abuse and I ask that you please read it and consider what she is saying there.


Its Dangerous to Go Alone (especially if you are a woman going to a con or walking down the street or venturing onto a forum ….)

-DesertFawkz the Feminist Raven